“Lake expertly explains how many Chinese men don’t want wives who are well-educated and high-achieving, making it even more difficult for successful women to find life partners. A solid debut book providing intriguing insights into the current state of China’s sociocultural system.”

—Kirkus Reviews

“If you think dating in twenty-first-century America is confusing, read Roseann Lake’s fascinating survey of singlehood and marriage in China, where seismic shifts have rendered the social landscape virtually unrecognizable. Packed with lively interviews and fascinating historical details, Leftover in China is vivid, generous, and illuminating.”

Kate Bolick, author of Spinster

"Lake captures China’s tense sociopolitical climate today, as ancient, deeply rooted traditions, values and beliefs about sex, romance, and marriage clash with the powerful current trend toward individualism. The aftershocks of the ‘one-child’ policy; Chinese women entering the market in droves; today’s antiquated Chinese courtship codes; this book depicts the profound global shift in human family life with elegance, clarity, insight, humor, and verve." 

—Helen Fisher, author of The Anatomy of Love

...[A]n invigorating account of China’s rapidly changing culture, told

from the perspective of a particularly unique segment of the population.”

—Publishers Weekly

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